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Kathryn Kotria
14.03.2019 11:55:37
Having a guide, Timea, who also works at Schobrunn was a huge plus. She was totally conversant with the subject matter, and provided a detailed explanation of the Hapsburgs, who they were, what the did, and how they lived. She also had a sweet sense of humor that we greatly enjoyed.

7th Sept 2018
Nancy Foley
14.03.2019 11:55:03
Amazing! Timea led me through Schonbrunn Palace and made the story of the Hapsburgs come alive via vivid details & anecdotes that I would not have otherwise learned during my visit. She was articulate, polite & funny. A highlight of my trip.

1st Dec.2018
Family Calhoun
14.03.2019 11:53:31
WONDERFUL! Timea was knowledgeable and delightful! thank you!
Family Calhoun
Rolf Anderson
14.03.2019 11:52:05
Vielen Dank für Deine fachliche und fröhlich gebrachte Führung am 04. Mai 2018 durch die schöne Stadt Wien. Mach weiter so. Brigitte und Rolf Anderson
11.06.2018 19:27:20
Beatrix Plank
14.03.2019 11:50:54
Die Stadtführung war nicht nur interresant, sondern auch unterhaltsam. Danke Tímea
31.05.2018 21:12:28
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