Some of my half day tours:

Vienna at first glance - the introduction walk

Let´s focus on the historical centre and hear of 2000 years of existence of Vienna and its most significant cultural, historical and architectural context. Let us start the tour at the aristocratic Ring Boulevard of the 19th century, from where we approach the imperial residence of the Habsburg dynasty. 640 years of family stories accompanied with marvellous edifices and monuments, make it worth a while. From here we follow the medieval traces; cobblestone paths through small and narrow streets and ditches, leading us to one of the oldest catholic churches of Vienna. We also pass a Roman site from the 1st century and arrive at THE landmark of the city: the gothic St. Stephan´s cathedral. Here we hear of Mozart and Augustin, one a musician, the other a singer. Let us find out where to get the biggest Schnitzel in this town. - 3h walking tour -

St. Stephanfoto @ TimGala


Vienna panoramique - ride´n´walk the city

Let us have a panoramic teaser with a 90 minute limousine or van tour on which the driver will ride along the Ring Boulevard, the most beautiful avenue of this city with the State Opera house, the museums, the House of Parliament, the City Hall, the University, the splendid Ring Hotels. We go on northbounds, passing the Prater amusement park and its Giant Wheel of Vienna, another landmark, arriving at contemporary Vienna with its skyline next to the Danube. Our next stop is the baroque Belvedere palace for a fotostop and a visit in its gardens. Afterwards we will be on a 2,5 hour city walk, covering mostly the stated sites of the "Vienna at first glance walk".   - 4h ride-walk-combo tour -

DC Towerfoto @ TimGala


Vienna imperiale - inside Schönbrunn palace


You would like to know more about the Habsburgs? Let us visit the former summer residence, the palace of Schönbrunn. Hear about and see the abundance of the renowned ballroom, the sumptuousness of their reception rooms and the luxury of their private salons! This is a guided tour of forty of the former state rooms (Grand Tour) and parts of the gardens. A major role model for this Baroque palace was Versailles, just as much as for the impressive garden area. Let´s explore Schönbrunn together! - 3h walking tour, excluding admission -


Schloss Schönbrunnfoto @ TimGala


Vienna artistique - the art galore tour

Are you in love with art and picture galleries? Then let us tour the magnificent halls of the Fine Arts Museum (Kunsthistorisches Museum). It is housing one of the finest collections of Flemish and Italian masters of the 16th-17th century, such es Rembrandt, Rubens, Breughel, Titian, Caravaggio or Rafael. The fourth largest gallery in the world is giving us a sense of European painting from the Gothic era up to Classicism.

Part of the tour is also the so called Kunstkammer (Chamber of curiosities). A collection of works of arts covering uncommon materials, virtuoso works of art, precious stones, automatons, clocks gameboards a.m.m. from the Renaissance to the Baroque era. Among them the one of a kind goldsmith work "Saliera" by Benvenuto Cellini. - 3h walking tour, excluding admissions -

Raffaels Madonna im Grünen 1505foto @ wikipedia


Cellinis Salierafoto @ TimGala

Combination tours

* Vienna preziosa - the bling bling tour

Are you interested in all the treasures and riches of the former Habsburg dynasty? Let´s visit the Imperial Treasury. The entrance is located in one of the 17 courtyards - the Schweizerhof - of the Hofburg palace with one of the most important collections of imperial regalia, the Burgundian treasures from the 15th century, the Golden Fleece and the "inalienable heirlooms of the House of Austria". - 1h walking tour, excluding admissions -

österreichische Kaiserkronefoto @ wikipedia

* Vienna scentifique - the book-worm tour

We enter the Baroque state hall of the library, planned by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, and its marvellous collection of 250.000 leather-bound tomes, magnificent Venetian globes and numerous frescoes by Daniel Gran, which glorifies the Habsburg dynasty as knowledgeable sovereigns and promoters of sciences. Two to three special exhibitions annually display valuable objects from the Austrian National Library’s collections. - 1h walking tour, excluding admissions -

* Vienna morbide - the crypt tour

We visit the final resting place of 150 Habsburg family members, the one-of-a-kind Capuchin crypt.  It was founded in 1618 and dedicated in 1632, and located on the Neuer Markt square of the Innere Stadt, near the Hofburg Palace. See the stunning tomb of Maria Theresia and her beloved husband Franz Stephan. Get knowledge of the most romantic and most tragic stories connected to the private life of this dynasty. - 1h walking tour, excluding admissions -